Life Coaching & Counselling

Are you wanting a more satisfying and rewarding life?

Life Coaching and Counselling is for people who are ready to make a committment to move forward towards changing and improving their life, engaging a Professional Life Coach or Counsellor to help you, could be an important key to bringing those changes.

I can help you to let go of your anxieties, release your stresses and take positive steps towards a rewarding and satisfying future in all aspects of your life in a confidential, supportive, safe space, where you can clarify issues and concerns on any personal or work related topic of your choosing, to find meaningful solutions for you to move forward.

With the help of a Life Coach & Counsellor you can:



•Gain a better understanding of the way you interact in the world


•Discover methods YOU need to do to create positive life changes


•Reframe limiting belief systems and outdated thoughts


•Re-programme your thinking to focus and inspire your progress


•Find a new life path and moves towards it


•Uncover YOUR tools to help you cope with the pressures of life


•Learn how to make better choices in life


•Increase personal effectiveness and motivation


I offer an affordable, flexible fee structure to meet different needs. Coaching or Counselling Sessions can be in person, by phone, email or Skype, daytime or evenings.


If you still unsure about how to make the changes you need in your life take advantage of the free 30 minute consultation, which can be done face to face, or by email or by Facetime/Skype where you can ask any questions and explore whether counselling or coaching would be beneficial for you, go to our contact page and complete our contact form by clicking on the email address or call me on the number below.


Rate for Individuals £35 per hour 


Rate for Couples £60 per hour


Take control of your life today..

Coaching and Counselling can be applied to many different life areas, here are just a few:

•Addictive behaviours

•Quitting Smoking

•Compulsive overeating

•Reducing stress and anxiety

•Healthier Lifestyle choices


•Low self worth, self esteem and confidence issues

•Lack of focus or goals
•Bereavement or Loss

•Career Crossroads

Don't waste any more time, take POSTIVE ACTION today to creating a better Life and a brighter future.

Take control of the direction of your life today.

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