What happens in a Reiki Treatment

This Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation and healing is given by laying hands on or just above the body allowing energy to flow through the practitioner into the person having the treatment.

The treatment is given whilst you are laid on a treatment couch fully clothed, and covered with a blanket, although it can also be given when the person is sat in a chair.


It can feel either warm or cool to the person receiving the energy and treats the whole persons body, emotions, mind and spirit creating a feeling of deep relaxation and peace.


Reiki has been found to be helpful for:

Stress related conditions

Anxiety and Depression


Emotional problems


For Relaxation

Blood pressure problems

Reiki can also be given in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy


As a supportive treatment

when receiving Chemotherapy for Cancer or other major health setbacks

or when Terminally ill.



​Treatments last for 60 minutes and cost £25.00

Reiki Attunements

Taking self development further

Reiki Level 1 Certificate - Attunement Day - Investment=£100.00

Introduction to Reiki - New Students Attunement day.

Come along and learn what Reiki is all about and how to deliver a healing treatment to family and friends after having your Level one attunment. 

You will get a manual, and a certificate of your attunement, and information about progression through the attunement levels.

Please note a Level one attunment is not Practitioner level and you cannot charge for treatments, this is only for practice on Family and Friends.



Reiki Level 2 Certificate - Attunement Day - Investment=£200.00

Reiki level 2 is classed as Practitioner level.  Following attunement to this level you will able to charge for any Reiki treatments you give and will be invited to attend the Reiki share days to learn how to give a professional holistic Reiki treatments, and share with other Practitioners.

You will get a manual, and a certificate of your attunement, plus information about progression through to level 3 should you wish.



Reiki Level Master Certificate

Reiki level 3 - Please contact me to discuss this and for further information.

Reiki Share days for practitioners of Reiki

I hold regular Reiki shares for peope already practicing Reiki if you would like to come along, please Click here for the next share date and send me a message with your practitioner level.





Attunement Bookings  

Please contact me for next group attunement date - Please note this will be a small numbered class so booking is advisable early. Individual one-to-one attunements are also available on different dates, please contact me with your request.


Contact Joanne on   01842 339958





All ​Reiki Attunements for Level one, Level two and Level 3 Practitioner/Master available are available on an individual basis - If this is something you would prefer, please email with your enquiry

​Call Joanne: 01842 339958   Email: