Hot Waxing with a massage for your Hands  or  Feet


We offer a wonderful restorative treatment for hands or feet in our hot waxing treatment.


Using a hydrating mask to help soften and re-hydrate the skin, especially very dry skin.


You can have 30 minutes of bliss as your hands or feet are covered in warm paraffin wax, then covered in mittens or boots allowing time for the wax to re-hydrate your skin.


Treatments are found to be especially beneficial in treating conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, it also increases blood flow and relaxes muscles helping to reduce joint stiffness.


This is removed and a gentle massage given to the treatment area, before finishing off with a moisturising balm.


If you have never had a warm wax treatment before you are in for a special treat.


30 minute treatment costs just £18 per area.

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